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Aeolus Tyres is now one of the Top 20 tyre manufacturers in the world. Aeolus has had a rock-solid reputation for decades. Truck tyres, agricultural tyres and earth-moving tyres – both sectors where great emphasis is placed on reliability and durability, as well as passenger vehicle tyres and agricultural tyres, are manufactured using the highest possible quality standards.

Developing the ideal tyre in every range in all sectors and optimising the entire assortment are among the highest priorities. This has also been incorporated into the Aeolus vision: during development and production, it aims to fulfil the wishes of customers as effectively as possible – after all, they are entitled to perfect products, which are manufactured using the very latest methods.


Windpower – that’s more than just a name for a strong tire brand. Behind this is the perfect combination of quality and price, first-class mileage and high-quality casing – for the second tire life as a retread.

Windpower is the real alternative for companies that are just as cost-conscious as they are safety- conscious. Windpower tires are manufactured to the highest standards in terms of safety, fuel consumption and durability manufactured